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To promote Buddhist teachings and activities; and to offer spiritual guidance, classes, meditation and activities to enhance peace and harmony; and to foster Buddhist preachers by providing Buddhist education programs and facilities for Buddhist practitioners in the United States of America, Canada, and worldwide.






           —— 禪修課程

“No matter where we are in the world, and where we stand in our lives and spiritual development, let us not lose sight of the study, reflection, and practice of Master Tsong-kha-pa's teachings, because this will bring us the true benefits of the Dharma ─ to rid our minds of non-virtue and develop our compassion.”

“With so many people in the Lamrim studies now, we will have to have a full meditation curriculum for the stages of the path, to teach everyone how to practice in spiritual retreat ─ everything from the four preliminary practices, to how to rely on one's spiritual teachers, to developing meditative serenity and bodhicitta.

── Our spiritual teacher, Zhen-Ru

A Vision

A Comprehensive Meditation Curriculum



Our Late Master Jih-Chang’s Wish

Today, our Spiritual Teacher Zhen-Ru carries the legacy of our founding teacher, Late Venerable Master Jih-Chang. She diligently guides monastic and lay practitioners, including over a thousand monks and nuns in our Canadian monasteries, in the study and practice of the Buddha's teachings and ethical discipline. After over a decade of dedicated efforts, a full monastic curriculum of the Five Great Commentaries a traditional curriculum based on five major teachings of historical Buddhist masters of India – has taken shape in our monasteries and now continues to grow.

Over thirty years ago, our Late Master Jih-Chang had accepted the lay Buddhist Dr. Chia Theng Shen's invitation to establish a Buddhist monastery in New York, but his wish was yet to be fulfilled. Now, our Spiritual Teacher Zhen-Ru is initiating the establishment of the new monastery in New York as a continuation of our Late Master's wish; as well as a new meditation center as the start of a new phase in the promotion of Dharma internationally.


Monastery in New York


Meditation Center


Monastery in New York


Meditation Center



On this auspicious and momentous occasion, we sincerely invite you to help us by contributing to the new Dharma centers. Together, let us plant the seeds of happiness and enlightenment for ourselves and others, and for the greater future of monastic and lay Buddhist education.

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